Urban Street Diving Feature

Street photography of a man with a vacuum cleaner in Wallington, Surrey

I’m delighted and honoured to have been interviewed and featured on the Urban Street Diving website about a recent street photography shoot I did in Wallington, south London.

The aim was pretty simple: to head out around Wallington, where I live, to see what street photos I could come up with in a very brief two hour time frame.   It was certainly quite a challenge but also highly enjoyable.

Street photography of man in combat fatigues in Wallington, London

Urban Street Diving is a photography blog showcasing in-depth street photography series.

A Street Dive is a photographic exploration of a single urban location, street or area. The goal is to capture a coherent photography series within a limited time frame and radius. Setting limits helps to sharpen the senses, like in scuba diving, where oxygen is limited and time has to be used wisely in order to discover new things.

Street photography of a naked mannequin in Wallington in south London

You can see more of my work and the interview here: Street Photography on the Doorstep

You can see my street photography portfolio here: http://www.dlehanestreet.co.uk

You can follow me on Instagram here: http://www.instagram.com/thatdarrenlehane


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