Defecating Dogs & Street Photography Collections

CAndid street photography of a dog defecating in Altea, Spain.

When I go out to shoot street photography I do so without any preconceptions.  I never go out with the intention of shooting series’ or projects.

Then again I doubt that’s unusual with a lot of street photographers, even those who exhibit different themed collections.  I suspect projects and themes show themselves afterwards, during editing and curating your images.

That was certainly the case with these images of dogs defecating.  I’ve never purposefully set out to find such images, but clearly I am drawn to shooting them.  And when I’m in Spain too, it seems!!

Candid street photography of a defecating dog in Benidorm, Spain.
Benidorm, Spain (2018

These images came to light as I was searching through my archives for a submission to magazine.  I started thinking maybe I do have the making of a street photography series here.

I guess the reason I’ve never wanted to go out with themes and collections in mind, is that its the spontaneous nature of street photography that has always appealed to me.  Plus, as I have mentioned before, the reason I am drawn to street photography is its immediacy.  I tend to lack patience at times and my boredom thresholds can be particularly low.

Candid street photography of a dog defecating in Benidorm, Spain.
Benidorm, Spain (2016)

So the idea of taking months, years or even decades to patiently curate a series has never really appealed.  And yes, I think when you are looking to put together street photography collections you need a lot of work, spanning a considerable time period, to do it justice.

Too often I see people rushing to put out projects that aren’t fully formed or are too narrow in their scope.  Allowing time for your work to bubble and stew will give it new and fresh perspectives.

So who knows, perhaps one day you’ll see a much fuller collection of dogs defecating in public.  Quite why any one would actually enjoy viewing such a series is certainly questionable, but I suspect I won’t stop shooting these kind of images.

Candid street photography of a dog defecating on a beach in Calpe, Spain.
Calpe, Spain (2015)

Are you drawn to strange themes in your street photography?  I’d love to hear all about them – any weirder than mine?

If you’d like to see more of my street photography you can do so on my street photography website or follow me on Instagram where I am @thatdarrenlehane.


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