London Street Photography Workshop

A London street photography workshop in Trafalgar Square

An Introduction to Street Photography Workshop

Sat 6 April 2019.  

10:00am to 17:00pm

Trafalgar Square to Leicester Square.

I’m delighted to announce that I will be hosting an introduction street photography workshop this Spring.  This practical workshop is for anyone looking to get into street photography or who is to get tips, advice and guidance on pure street photography..

Aim of the workshop

Candid street photography of pigeons and a man with his daughter on Leicester Square, London. Taken by London street photographer Darren Lehane.
Leicester Square, London (2016)

To provide you with a general introduction to what street photography is, and just as importantly, what it isn’t.  We’ll do a little bit of theory and then spend lots of time out in vibrant central London locations practicing and getting tips, advice and critiques as we go.

It will be fun, relaxed and informal with lots of support from an experienced candid street photographer.

Whether you are new to street photography or looking to get to understand it more, this workshop will give you an insight and tips to get shooting genuine candid street photography.

Who Am I?

Candid street photographer of a woman holding up an arm in Trafalgar Square, London. Taken by London street photographer, Darren Lehane,
Trafalgar Square, London (2016)

I’m Darren and I’m a multiple award-winning candid street photographer based here in London.  I’ve been shooting street photography for well over a decade now, not just in London but all around the world.

I was a winning finalist in the PDN Street Photography 2016 competition which included judges as renowned as Magnum photographer Alex Webb and photography historian and co-author of the seminal street photography book, Bystander, Colin Westerbeck.

My work has been published in the likes of The Guardian Weekend Magazine, Time Out London, The Irish Times and has been exhibited in galleries in London, LA and Brussels.

I’m also an award-winning wedding photojournalist and a contributor to Getty Images, through whom my work has been licensed all around the world.

See more of my award-winning street photogaphy on my website.

Or via Instagram.

Why Run A Workshop?

Candid street photography of a workman and Charlie Chaplin statue in Chinatown, London. Taken by London street photographer Darren Lehane.
Chinatown, London (2015)

Street photography has become hugely popular over the last decade.  Yet there is so much poor or average street photography out there.  In addition, a lot of street photography workshops are run by people who themselves are still relatively new to the medium or, worse still, don’t actually understand what street photography is.

I am genuinely passionate about the genre and really want to educate people as to what street photography actually is and how to shoot it – from my many years of doing it.

If that improves the quality of street photography out there, then I will consider that the ultimate success for running workshops.

Why Shoot Street Photography?

Candid street photography of a man sleeping beside his wheelchair in Trafalgar Square, London. Taken by London street photographer Darren Lehane
Trafalgar Square, London (2011)

Street photography is arguably the most accessible genre of photography.  You don’t need lots of expensive camera equivalent, have a studio or need to hire models.

You can literally pick up any basic camera, including camera phones, step outside your front door and start shooting it.

So What Equipment Do I Need For The Workshop?

Discreet street photography of a drag queen in London
Leicester Square, London (2018)

Any camera will do, including a camera phone.

Ideally it will be digital, so we can look at and review your photos on the day.

Most importantly your camera lens should be able to shoot wider angle, so no longer than 50mm at full frame equivalent and ideally a 28mm or 35mm equivalent.  If you’re unsure what length your camera lens is, just drop me a line and we can work it out. (All camera phones will have these focal lengths, so no need to worry about those.)

It’s important you have a basic understanding of your camera’s functions and settings, as the workshop won’t cover how to use your camera.

So Where Will The Workshop Run?

Trafalgar Square, London (2017)

We’ll start off shooting in and around Trafalgar Square, moving up through Chinatown and ending in Leicester Square.  These are great vibrant locations with lots going on, so are ideal starting places for learning about street photography with plenty of subject matter for you.

How Long Will The Workshop Run For?

Candid street photography of Virgin cabin crew walking through Chinatown in London. Taken by London street photographer Darren Lehane.
Chinatown, London (2013)

We’ll meet for a coffee near Trafalgar Square at 10am, where we’ll spend an hour or so getting to know one another and talking about street photography.

We’ll stop for an hour to get lunch during the day, where we can review each other’s work, discuss your experiences and I’ll set you an objective for the afternoon session.

About 4pm we’ll stop shooting and decamp to a pub where we can review the day and your work.  I’ll also set you some “homework” to do over the following week, which I’ll then review and feedback on.  So your learning will continue past the day itself.

How Much Will The Workshop Cost?

Candid street photography of celebrations in Trafalgar Square, London. Taken by London street photographer Darren Lehane.
Trafalgar Square, London (2016)

As this is my first ever workshop, I am offering at an incredible £50 per person, which is more than 50% off what later workshops will cost.  Spaces are limited to just 10 people only and will be offered on a strict first come first served basis.

This price doesn’t include beverages, food, transport or accommodation where necessary.

How Do I Book or Find Out More?

Candid street photography of a young boy with a broken foot and a sleeping man in Leicester Square, London. Taken by London street photographer Darren Lehane.
Leicester Square, London (2016)

If you’d like to find out more or would like to get yourself book onto the workshop, message me here or send an email to putting “Street Photography Workshop” in the subject line.


Candid street photography of a young girl holding paper behind a window in Chinatown, London. Taken by London street photographer Darren Lehane.
Chinatown, London (2012)

I cannot be held responsible for any individual who finds themselves becoming addicted to or obsessed with street photography as a result of the workshop.


If you know anyone who may be interested in a workshop, please do share with them or across your social media pages.  Thanks!


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